Saint Motel – The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Pt.1

The band drops first collection of songs from their upcoming third album

First TV, then cinema: if you liked Saint Motel’s 2016 offer for the small screen (Saintmotelevision), you’re going to like what they planned for the big one even more.

The band from Los Angeles recently dropped The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Pt.1, the first of three EPs including songs from their upcoming third album that will be released in 2020. After teasing on YouTube a cinematic trailer for the project, Saint Motel also shared 5 choreographed visualizers to promote the songs.

The EP opens with Old Soul, a dreamy, jazzy ballad reminiscent of old romantic movies which sets the tone of the entire record. However, the gem of the album is Sisters: Saint Motel took a sample from the 1957’s hit Alone (Why Must I Be Alone) by The Shepherd Sisters and gave it a contemporary twist. The band created a new arrangement, sped up the rhythm and rewrote the lyrics: the result is an exquisite, updated take on the original that you won’t stop singing.

Diane Mozart is a great blend of classical, electro and pop music while Van Horn starts like an opulent film soundtrack but soon turns into a country infused catchy song that would be great for an ad. Somehow, this is the only track that still follows the path of Saintmotelevision.

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Pt.1 ends with Save Me: if Old Soul featured a saxophone, this one is a slower paced song which features a trumpet. This (not too much) melancholic track is perfect to close the EP as it creates so much anticipation for the second part.

Saint Motel show us, once again, how good they are at producing very original material while keeping their music identity really strong. The band will unveil the remaining parts of the album over the next few months.



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