Imagine Dragons drop two new songs

Dan Reynolds talks singles Follow You and Cutthroat on Twitter

Imagine Dragons have released two songs, Follow You and Cutthroat: these are the band’s first new tracks since their 2018’s work Origins. The songs will serve as the lead singles from their upcoming fifth studio album.

Frontman Dan Reynolds shared the songs on social media and posted comments on Twitter to explain them to the fans: «Follow You is a song about loyalty and love. […] Loving someone is an incredibly imperfect project. It isn’t always romantic or pretty. Sometimes it can be incredibly painful.». Reynolds shared his personal experience, telling the audience that he wrote Follow You when he got back with his wife Aja, after 7 months of separation.

Talking about Cutthroat, Reynolds describes it as a very different song: «It’s an exorcism of self pity. An examination of my life – finding that I am beyond blessed – and trying to rid myself of self doubt and loathing. Being grateful for all I have. Ridding my mind of all the meaningless things that have burdened me. Killing the part of me that spends its days lamenting about things that bear no real meaning or worth. Finding that, at the end of the day, only one Dan will prevail and it’s the one that loves myself.» 


While Follow You is a quite rhytmic ballad, Cutthroat is an energetic and “angry” track, but both have the band’s signature electronic touch that fans love. The lyric videos for the songs, that the band shared on YouTube, scored over 800.000 views in the last 12 hours.

Imagine Dragons have been working on their upcoming fifth album for the last three years, but they still haven’t revealed a release date.



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