The Struts: glam rock is back

Some reasons to love this talented band from Derby

The more people say “music is dead”, the more I find some incredible artists that, like beautiful precious stones, radiate their light all over the internet.

This is, for sure, the case of The Struts, a fabulous glam rock band that conquered my heart song by song. Luke Spiller (lead vocalist), Adam Slack (guitarist), Jed Elliot (bassist) and Gothic Davies are from Derby, U.K., but they’re slowly getting worldwide recognition: before even releasing their first album, these guys opened for The Rolling Stones in Paris for a 80.000 people audience, served as supporting act for Mötley Crüe and played sold-out shows in the U.S.

Their first full-length album is called Everybody Wants and follows Have You Heard, the 2015 EP that hit the viral chart on Spotify with the single Could Have Been Me.

The band formed in 2012, but all four members started making music as teenagers. They found inspiration in groups like Oasis and The Libertines, but their influences also include The Queen, Aerosmith and The Rolling Stones.

Need reasons to love The Struts? They have their own musical identity, they deliver irresistible pop melodies and they have a huge talent for high-drama storytelling. Added value: Luke Spiller’s vocals are no joke. Only once in my life I thought Freddie Mercury was still alive and that’s when I heard, for the first time, this 28-year-old guy singing.

His voice is energetic and unique, of course, but there’s some dramatic versatility in his vocals which really reminds me of Freddie’s qualities. This is clear in songs like Could Have Been Me, an arena-ready anthem you’re going to fall in love with and in Kiss This, a great breakup song whose message is to stand up for yourself (according to Spiller).

I could spend hours talking about other great tracks like Roll Up and Mary Go Round, but I think the best way to understand how talented The Struts are is to listen to their songs. I promise: you won’t regret it.

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