David di Donatello Film Awards 2019

President and Artistic Director Piera Detassis introduces new rules 

Every year the Academy of Italian Cinema assigns the David di Donatello Film Awards, among the most important prizes in the Italian film industry. As the 64th edition is approaching (the ceremony will be held on March 27, 2019) President and Artistic Director Piera Detassis introduced new guidelines during a press conference that took place yesterday at Cinema Caravaggio, in Rome.

Upon a decision by Detassis and the Executive Board of the Academy, the jury has been reformed: Nominees and Winners from the previous editions have been reinstated to their roles. An additional Culture and Society jury, made up of famous representatives and specialists from the worlds of culture and cinema in all their areas of interest, has been established in anticipation of the 64th edition of the awards.

The Artistic Director also introduced a new voting system: following some suggestions, which came from the world of cinema, the Academy decided to diversify the vote in order to balance the two juries: Nominees and Winners will express the 80% of the votes, while Culture and Society representatives get the remaining 20%.

The 64th edition of the David di Donatello Film Awards wlll also feature the new Viewer’s David: the Academy of Italian Cinema established this award as an acknowledgment to the authors who contributed to the success of the Italian film industry. Viewer’s David goes to the film (released by December 31, 2018) that will score the highest number of theater attendees by the end of February. The award’s assignment method will not consider box office results, given that theater tickets have different costs in some italian regions.

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