Harry Styles masters his first self-titled album

The english singer’s solo record is all rock’n’roll and acoustic wonders

The “rock alarm” is ringing and this is not a practice drill: Harry Styles has just released his first self-titled album and you have to be prepared because it’s all acoustic wonders and rock’n’roll. That’s why Harry will probably lose some fans, but it’s a more than acceptable sacrifice to conquer new audience.

One Direction’s heart-breaker is clearly trying to shake his boyband reputation off and, if to some of his young bandmates that seems a useless effort, to him it’s a natural transition which make him sound beautifully unrecognizable.

The album, Harry Styles, opens with Meet Me in the Hallway: think about John Lennon inviting Chris Isaak and Radiohead for a smooth acoustic session.

Sign of the Times was released as the first single: “You can’t bribe the door on your way to the sky”, sings Harry reminding us of an epic sadness that we heard only in some David Bowie’s old ballads.

The english singer pays tribute to California vintage rock with Carolina (the perfect summer song) and, with Only Angel and Kiwi, he keeps following the american track adding some more explosive guitars.

The album ends with From the Dining Table, a sad and beautiful acoustic pearl that will leave you craving for more.

Maybe some attempts like Two Ghosts and Sweet Creature are less surprising, but they don’t compromise the value Harry’s work.

So, dear colleagues, you must surrender: we’re far away from One Direction’s pop rêverie and if Harry Styles is trying to play the rock star, he sounds quite convincing.

It’s a long and winding road and we’ll have to wait for 15 years to see what happens but, for now, Harry is on the right way.


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