In the new Il’ja Najšuller’s film, Bob Odenkirk masterfully plays an ordinary man in “badass mode”

If you are looking for movies to brighten up this weird still-pandemic summer 2021, add Nobody to your wishlist: the new film by Il’ja Najšuller is really worth your attention.

The Russian musician and director is on his second feature film after Hardcore Henry (2015): even if it received mixed critics, when you see a film shot entirely with GoPro cameras, that includes Tim Roth in the cast, you know you’re in front of a real filmmaker.

Najšuller is back with Nobody, a film that mixes black comedy and action thriller, starring an amazing Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul) alongside Connie Nielsen (Wonder Woman), RZA (The Dead Don’t Die), Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future) and Alexei Serebryakov (McMafia). The film, released in U.S. theaters in March and digitally via premium video-on-demand in April, will arrive in Italian theaters on July 1st, 2021.

Nobody is the story of an apparently ordinary man, Hutch Mansell, who seems to live in the shadow of a wife too focused on her career: he has an office job, his relationship is falling apart; his teenage son, Blake, thinks he is weak while his little daughter, Abby is the only one who sees him as a protective figure.

One night, Hutch foils a robbery inside his house: refusing to use violence to protect his family he manages to make the thieves run away without anyone getting hurt. When rumors circulate, his image in the eyes of neighbors and family members is compromised: Hutch is the man who hasn’t protected his loved ones properly. Deeply frustrated by the episode, and bothered by a trivial event, Hutch’s real nature and secret past will come out, accidentally colliding with the Russian Mafia.

Nobody – Bob Odenkirk. Credits/ Universal Pictures

Nobody is a hilarious film for several reasons: it highlights the versatility of Bob Odenkirk, this time masterfully portraying a “cool guy” and it has an engaging script which mixes twists, drama and memorable lines. Making fun of everything and anyone, Nobody seems to mock independent and slick films, including some genres cornerstones like the Death Wish series with Charles Bronson. Nobody can also count on a talented cast of actors (Odenkirk, Serebrjakov and Lloyd are excellence) and a beautiful soundtrack (from Nina Simone to Edwin Starr) that supports the scenes in an impeccable way.

If you are looking for action and don’t want to sacrifice the fun, Nobody is this summer must-see film.


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