The Secret Life of Pets 2

Our favorite furry animals return in Chris Renaud’s funnier sequel to 2016’s blockbuster

The highly anticipated sequel to The Secret Life of Pets has finally arrived and the new film, featuring our favorite furry animals, debuts in Italy on June 6 and in the US on the following day.

The Secret Life of Pets 2 sees the return of director Chris Renaud (joined, this time, by co-director Jonathan Del Val) as well as music composer Alexandre Desplat and screenwriter Bryan Lynch, who worked on the previous blockbuster.

If in the first chapter we found out how pets do spend their time when their owners are out, the sequel explores the bond between animals and their families. This time Jack Russell Terrier Max is facing some important changes in his life: his owner Katie is now married and she has a child, Liam. As Max becomes attached to the toddler, he also becomes obsessed with protecting him from dangerous situations. On a family trip, the Terrier and his adopted friend Duke meet new farm animals that make Max even more apprehensive. Thanks to Rooster, a wise and adventurous dog, Max will be able to let go some of his fears and give Liam a little more freedom. Meanwhile, in New York City, Pomeranian Gidget, cat Chloe and crazy bunny Snowball are facing new difficult missions.

After watching The Secret Life of Pets, many people (most adults) felt like a second chapter was unnecessary which is not entirely true: in this case, the followup is better than the first film and it features three intertwined stories, funnier gags and more fluffy animals.

The Secret Life of Pets 2 examines parents’ daily struggles with the spotlight on the side effects of being overprotective with their children: Max’s experience delivers the message while Gidget and Snowball are given the adventure/comedy elements. The Secrets Life of Pets 2 works because of these three elements: emotion, action and fun.

The voice cast features Patton Oswalt (Max), Eric Stonestreet (Duke), Lake Bell (Chloe), Jenny Slate (Gidget), Kevin Hart (Snowball) and Harrison Ford (Rooster) making his animated-film debut.

Parents will find the film surprisingly entertaining as well as their kids.

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