KT Tunstall – KIN

Scottish artist makes her comeback with a pop album you’re going to love

What if a scottish artist moved to L.A.? In most cases, they’d take a flight back in a minute, missing cold weather and landscapes, but KT Tunstall has been living there for two years now. «I feel part of a community that knows how to relax and enjoy itself», she told The Guardian. She also admitted to love Venice Beach. Not hard to believe.

It’s been a while (it was 2004) since her hits Black Horse and the Cherry Tree and Suddenly I See got stuck in our heads. In the meantime she released three records: the last of of them was 2013’s Invisible empire // Crescent Moon which received positive critics, but didn’t have the audience impact everyone expected.

So, after a three year break, the scottish singer-songwriter released her new work in 2016, KIN, a surprising pop-rock blend with a lovely Cali touch.

From beginning to end, KT shines in all of her facets. Hard Girls is a great single: it’s the anthem we’ll sing with our girlfriends in the car and it was born to be a hit. She shows her elegance in the ballads, like the romantic title-track KIN and she masters Cali vibes in It Took Me Long To Get Here, But I Am (you’ll notice some Chris Isaak influence in this one) and in the amazing Love Is An Ocean.

And if it’s not enough, there are some more jewels to talk about: KT’s vocals go deeper in Two Way (a great duet with James Bay) and Everything Has Its Shape (it’s like ABBA met The Mama & The Papas) and her voice turns beautifully rough in Run On Home.

No doubt KT had so much fun playing with pop, folk rock, country and some electro peculiarities. But no element is out of place: everything fits perfectly in this beautiful Cali snap-shot. We’ll need this for our upcoming summertime melancholy.


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