RFF2018: American Animals

Bart Layton elevates crime drama to thrilling heights 

In American Animals’ opening scene, screenwriter and director Bart Layton starts joking with the caption “This is not based on a true story”. Then “not based on” disappears and you suddenly know …

RFF2018: The Winners

Edoardo De Angelis’ drama The Vice of Hope wins People’s Choice Award, James Gardner’s Jellyfish triumphs as Best Film in the section Alice Nella Città 

The Vice of Hope by Edoardo De Angelis won BNL People’s Choice Award at the …

RFF2018: Three Identical Strangers

Tim Wardle brings to Rome Film Festival an entertaining yet shocking documentary about triplets separated at birth 

Tim Wardle brings to Rome Film Festival the extraordinary yet disturbing documentary Three Identical Strangers, a CNN Films project which dusts off …

RFF2018: Boy Erased

Lucas Hedges shines in Joel Edgerton’s solid gay conversion drama 

Gay conversion therapy is a sensitive topic to handle but also one of the favorite of this season: after the triumph at Sundance Film Festival of female-driven The Miseducation of

RFF2018: The Little Drummer Girl

Park Chan-wook makes his TV debut behind the camera directing a John le Carré adaptation 

It’s hard to replicate a multiple award-winning series such as The Night Manager, but John le Carré sons, who lead the production company The