Nordic Film Fest 2019

A preview of the 8th edition, taking place in Rome from  May 2 to May 5, 2019

Since its launch, in 2012, the Nordic Film Fest has become the ultimate gathering for movie lovers who are interested in the new …

Masterclass: Alexandre Desplat

Special guest at the New French Cinema Festival in Rome, the Oscar-winning composer talks his career and the relationship between music and cinema 

In an imaginary Olympus populated by the best film composers of all time, one place belongs to …

RFF2018: American Animals

Bart Layton elevates crime drama to thrilling heights 

In American Animals’ opening scene, screenwriter and director Bart Layton starts joking with the caption “This is not based on a true story”. Then “not based on” disappears and you suddenly know …

RFF2018: Boy Erased

Lucas Hedges shines in Joel Edgerton’s solid gay conversion drama 

Gay conversion therapy is a sensitive topic to handle but also one of the favorite of this season: after the triumph at Sundance Film Festival of female-driven The Miseducation of