Man Servants: here’s the men upgrade

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They sing, they declaim poems and they can serve you a perfect Martini: are you sure you don’t need one?

You’re going through a breakup and you’re sitting on your bed, eating junk food, watching Ghost in tears. Or you’ve just been invited to your girlfriend’s wedding and you’re aware you’re going to be the only single woman at that damn party and everyone is going to point at you whispering: “Really? She’s not married?” If you’re over 25, you get what I’m saying.

The best thing to do is to get off your bed and call your friends to have some fun. Or you can go to that wedding party, get drunk and dance like nobody’s watching. But, just in case you need some help to speed up your recovery or someone to take you to that party, you need a Man Servant. What is it? That’s exactly what I asked myself when I first read about them: they’re not strippers (outdated), they’re not gigolos (what a vulgarity!) and they’re not boyfriend replacements (thank God). They’re are gentlemen. Oh sorry, I forgot: with fantastic skills.

If you visit the website, for about $130 per hour, you can hire the Man Servant of your dreams: he can be your personal assistant, your waiter, your photographer. Some of them can sing, declaim poems and apply your favourite sunscreen as professional masseurs.

Company founders, Josephine Wai Lin and Dalal Khajah, had this fantastic idea at a friend’s bachelorette party: the “bride to be” got a stripper as a gift from her girlfriends, but the situation looked a little too gross. The guy had no charm or manners, so everybody thought she deserved something better. «ManServants aren’t about what men think women want, or about women acting like men and objectifying men—it’s about the fantasy of finally getting the royal treatment.» you read on Man Servants website. «It’s about adoration, not domination. ManServants are not her objects—they are her subjects—intent on pleasing their queen. We believe everyone should feel like a queen for a day, and women should be able to get what they truly want, not just the only option available to them.»

On the website you can select the Man Servant that more suits your needs: you can choose his character, his dress code and his duties. And be sure he follows his Code of Chivalry religiously.

Maybe some of you are thinking Man Servants are a bad idea, that it’s all about empowering women through the mean concept of men exploitation. No way. Man Servants are nothing new: «Queen Victoria had one on her beck and call, but since then, they’ve only lived in fiction.» say founders on their website. «To us, this was all evidence that surfaced what women really want. And evidence we needed to bring it to existence.» So it looks like Josephine and Dalal only restored an old and respectable tradition.

Originally located in San Francisco, the company has quickly expanded to New York, Los Angeles and Palm Springs.

What can I say? I wish I lived in America.

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