Poormanger: the kingdom of jacket potatoes

Turin offers tasty italian versions of the famous brit food 

Last week I was in Turin for work but, as usual, I had some free time to enjoy monuments, exhibitions and, of course, food.

A dear friend of mine took me to Poormanger, a new intriguing restaurant whose specialty is  jacket potato, in new tasty versions.

You all know what “poor” means, so I add that “pour” (different spelling same pronunciation) and “manger” are two french words for “to eat”: the name seems to suggest the simplicity of street food and the comfort of the restaurant. This place offers high quality affordable food, indeed.

What is a jacket potato? It’s a baked potato with a crispy skin and a fluffy heart. It’s a british recipe and it is usually served with cheese, ham or butter fillings. The description sounds already yummy, but can you imagine a jacket potato stuffed with Italian ingredients? Ok, stop daydreaming and go to Turin.

Three italian guys, Marco, Valerio and Daniele, had this great idea in 2011: they founded Poormanger and it became a success.

Their secret? Fresh Italian ingredients and a great taste for mixing them. Seasonally you can try different versions: from the jacket potato with asparagus, speck and Grana Padano flakes to the one filled with Apulian Stracciatella (a tasty Italian cheese!), valerian and small tomatoes. If you want to eat something different, you can: Poormanger offers a great selection of italian regional soups, second courses and tasty desserts, that you can pair with craft beers and wines.



Via Maria Vittoria 36/B

10123 Torino


Opening hours


12:15 p.m.- 15:00 p.m.

07:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.

No reservations


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